Lëtzebuerg city museum – Gleef dat net…!

We created a campaign with provocative catchphrases and colourful illustrations to attract attention and raise awareness about conspiracy theories for the promotion of the « Gleef dat net » exhibition.

The campaign started with a teaser phase, in outdoor and digital (social media and RTL banners) without revealing the client’s name: « Do you believe that… the Illuminati caused the French Revolution? That 9/11 was an inside job?… YES OR NO? »
We invited people to vote (with a QR code on the posters and a link on the banners), sending them to a landing page. Once people have voted, they see the results of the votes and the website gives a small explanation for each conspiracy theory.

Here is the website created for the campaign: https://gleefdatnet.lu/



PRODUCTION: Art Direction